Design / Planning Serivces

Backed up with experienced manpower, we conduct comprehensive electrical and electronic planning.

Procurement of Equipment

Our company is highly capable in selecting high quality equipment that guarantees optimum performance.


Our company provides all kind of electrical installation involving medium voltage.

Panel Making

Syncronizing Panel
Test panel-panel on other request
Low Voltage Panel
Medium Voltage Panel.
Capasitor Bank Panel
Auto Transformer Stater & Soft Stater
Direct on Line / Star Delta Stater
Motor Control Center Panel
Automatic Main Failure
Distribusi Lighting Panel
Automatic Transfer Switch

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 PT. Gianindo Elok Angkasa was registered by APPI  (Asosiasi Pembuatan Panel Listrik Indonesia) # 153-1216 

30aptek005 PT. Gianindo Elok Angkasa was registered on APTEK (Asosiasi Perusahaan Teknik Mekanikal dan Elektrikal ) #03415-P/033-III/04/2015

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